UTS Broadway


Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Competition Entry

Research, particularly PhD research, is the pinnacle of university education. It is creative and organic. With the guidance of the University of Technology, innovative ideas are born. They grow, and they mature into products of value to the world.

 The two streams of the Faculty: Engineering and Information Technology will be housed in two wedged shape buildings. They are opposing each other as individuals but are brought together by the intersecting elements. The axis created by the buildings provides a strong and dedicated new gateway to the university.

Three oval tubes floating between the two buildings symbolises the fluid and free form process of ingenuity and creativity. It is a combination of ideas and creativity of the two streams and reinforces the gateway access into the University, into knowledge.

(Project Team: Vincent Lam, Peter Zeilic, Margaret Walker-Smith, Jack Vo, Lucy Liu, Anna Tang, Jessie Prawiradirja – In association with D5D)